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Our studio features new infrared heaters equipped for hot yoga. Perfect your practice in our clean, professional atmosphere.


What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is a series of 26 postures that is practiced in a 99-105 degree studio. Other forms of yoga, Vinyasa, or flow class, can also be practiced in a heated room. Here at A Better Me Yoga, we use unique infrared heating technology.

What are the benefits of infrared hot yoga?

Benefits from infrared hot and warm yoga can include detoxified skin and body, increased metabolism, increased blood flow to the limbs, decreased muscular pain, raised level of focus, and tremendous stress relief.

How is hot yoga different?

The heat assists your yoga practice by limbering the body for greater flexibility and allowing sweat to detoxify. The routine of the postures in the Hot 26 series aids in showing growth, while working all major muscle groups. Warm classes produce similar results, in a different style, such as Yin or Restorative.

Do you have another question?

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Mary has helped me learn that yoga is a practice where I can consistently improve my strength of body and mind.”

Dana G, Artist

Mary has an uncanny ability to calm the restless heart, especially with children that need to focus and relax.”

Cindy P, Educator

The practice of yoga helps me to be a better me. Practice is the key. I have not always exhibited patience with myself, but I know that by practicing regularly, a better me blossoms. I want to bring that to all, yoga for everyone — to real people, just like you. A Better Me, and a better you, awaits…come join us! I, and my fabulous staff at A Better Me Yoga, welcome you! I am a 300-hour certified yoga instructor and a Cookeville resident. I like theater, iced coffee and electronic music. Mary